It is no coincidence that artists like to go to Lake Balaton, to the monadnocks or into the Bakony forests to find inspiration. The landscape and the built environment, the culture, the traditions, and the rich heritage found here not only reinforce our local identity, but through creative communities and their art, convey the history and values that have shaped and continue to shape the city and the region to this day. 

We want to show that tradition, the mementoes of a location’s history,are not simplynostalgic objects of the past, but a living heritage, a vital force that shapes ourpresent identity. It is an integral part of our everyday life and personality. As we look into the mirror with ourmodern eye, we look at a reflection, or rather,a multitude of reflections. We see our region's role in the history of European art, public life, and politics. We recall the almost-forgotten histories of families, the faces of characters and the micro-communities that could still be inspirational and leave meaningfulmessages forus today. We are learning to recognise the gifts of nature and culture through those historical mirrors and interpretations of artists who come here, and we hope that as yet unknown domains will open to us. Immersed in an identity-affirming or a critical perspective of the reflections, we try to take stock of who we are and the components of our identity.

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